Every student at IMPACT 360 would agree that it was a privilege to spend time learning under Dr. Mark Leiderbach. Specifically, Dr. Leiderbach focused on “Marriage & Sexual Ethics.” Coming from a biblical perspective, Dr. Leiderbach mainly taught about the purpose of marriage, the implications of divorce, and sexual promiscuity. First, Dr. Leiderbach walked the class through the creation of man in Genesis. Using the Word of God, He showed the class that the woman was made to compliment the man, emphasizing the absolute distinctness in nature between the two sexes.

Dr. Leiderbach explained that the primary purpose for marriage is to glorify God in a worshipful way. Glorifying God is possible without being married, but God has provided a way for men and women to compliment each other through marriage. The structure of marriage was purposefully designed by God to represent the same sort of relationship the Father and the Son have in the Holy Trinity, which is perfect oneness. Since humans are made in the image of God, a pure and holy marriage demonstrates how truly harmonious the love-fostering structure of the Holy Trinity is.

Being of “one flesh,” or oneness, stems from the idea that marriage becomes marriage only when a male and female leave, cleave, and become one flesh. When a male and a female marry, God sees those two separate beings become one flesh, and what God sees become one flesh, man cannot tear apart. Therefore, when it comes to the issue of divorce, the marriage covenant may not be broken by any document, or paper, before the eyes of God, except when one member of the covenant dies. Understanding the serious implications of becoming one flesh naturally produces a greater respect and understanding for marriage and the Holy Trinity.

In regards to dating and sexual promiscuity, numerous students asked Dr. Leiderbach this question: “How far is too far?” Opposing legalistic tendencies, Dr. Leiderbach did not answer the question directly, but instead, he forced the original students who were inquisitive to search their internal motives for asking that question in the first place. Eventually, after leading the class through specific Scriptures, while intentionally avoiding legalism, Dr. Leiderbach influenced the class to reflect once again upon the serious implications of the marriage covenant. Based upon those reflections, Dr. Leiderbach impressed upon the entire class the importance of avoiding sexual immorality at all times, leaving the class with a new sense of utmost respect for the marriage covenant.