This week on campus IMPACT 360 had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Francis Beckwith teach on political thought. He joined us Monday through Wednesday morning, and on Tuesday night performed a live broadcast opened to the public on Why I am Not a Moral Relativist. Throughout the week Dr. Beckwith addressed politics, authority, and freedom. We learned how to support our Christian faith in the realm of politics. He addressed subjects such as liberal democracy and the Christian citizen, secular liberalism and the neutral state, and natural moral law. He entertained questions very well and was open to using personal examples in order to help us understand the topics better.

He showed us the distinction between church and state separation. He explained how it is not the same as the separation of religion and society. We don’t have an established church in the United States. Instead, we have the freedom to choose what we believe. Part of our freedom of speech allows us to share our Good News of the Gospel to the people of our communities. This does not mean that we have to keep our beliefs silenced due to a law made by man (the separation of church and state). In leu of this understanding, we can claim our rights as citizens to be bold and confident in sharing our faith.

After what I learned this week I encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to stand firm in sharing our faith openly, whether it be in school or in the workplace. We cannot let the idea of politics hinder us from doing what God has called us to do. This is our right as a citizen, and it is a command from our heavenly Father to share His love with the world. Do not be selfish with this GOOD NEWS.

Your sister in Christ,

Harley Channell