Woohoo!  Round two of manly men time just passed – and, man, did we have fun!  While the ladies were on their womanhood retreat, the guys got another weekend to themselves.  Thursday, after the ladies left, an eerie quietness fell upon the campus.  The reason being the guys were having a legit and very manly time at Trent Wilbanks’ abode playing board games, throwing the football, cooking steaks, and watching Braveheart!  FREEDOM!!!  Along with such masculine activities, Trent spoke to us about the battle that all of us men face, the battle against the flesh, put to the analogy of the war in the movie.  We learned that accountability and fighting for a cause (i.e., for God, for family) are essential to gaining victory on the battlefield of the eyes and mind.

Friday, we men spent the majority of the day serving around the community.  One group went to a rising animal shelter and helped with new coats of paint.  After that, we went to the DHA Pine Mountain Community Center to do some serious yard work.  Ryan spent the whole time mowing their lawn, others pulled bushels of weeds, and the rest did some landscape and garden prepping.  The other team helped the community prepare and start renewing the large murals on the buildings in town.  This consisted of moving ladders and scaffolding to and fro and washing down the entire building walls of excessing dirt, dust, and chalk residue.  And after our services were completed, the guys relaxed and lounged around campus together.

Saturday, we men prepared for the return of our fair maidens.  We bought specific treats and goodies for the individual ladies that we were praying for and encouraging with personal letters.  As a group, we bought each one of them roses to welcome them back home.  Then, to top that off, we played football.  When they arrived back to us, we all dressed up in suits and performed a choreographed dance to “My Girl.”  We got lots of laughs and they felt loved – it was a great welcome.  Along with spring’s steady coming of sunny warmth, blue skies, and blooming flowers, the IMPACT community is once more reunited as men and women of God – a great weekend, a great place, awesome people, and an amazing God!  Huzzah!

Alex Payne