Jordan Joseph Presidential

IMPACT 360 student Jordan Joseph recently received a Presidential Scholarship from Erskine College, a Christian liberal arts college in Due West, S.C., where she will begin studies in the fall.

Joseph, a native of Forsyth, Ga., is one of two Presidential Scholarship winners and was selected from 28 students who visited the campus in March. The scholarship covers tuition, room and board, and fees and is renewable for four years of study at Erskine.

“Erskine College appealed to me because it is a small Christian college,” Joseph shared. “I love small community and closeness. However, the school is not solely populated by Christians, which makes it a great mission field to apply what I have learned this year. I can get my solid biblical background while interacting with people who don’t believe what I believe.”

As a student at Strong Rock Christian School in Locust Grove, Ga., Joseph was a member of the National Honor Society, Student Leadership Institute, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Future Business Leaders of America as well as captain of her varsity cheerleading and soccer teams. Her leadership understanding and experience serving locally and abroad on mission trips made her a strong candidate for IMPACT 360, a nine-month gap-year program that teaches high school graduates to know what they believe and why so that they can understand God’s calling and influence their generation for Christ. At IMPACT 360, Joseph was able to deepen her understanding of biblical community and theological topics.

“IMPACT 360 has prepared me for college above and beyond what I expected,” Joseph said. “During my interviews, I was very aware that all of my answers had to do with something I learned during my time at IMPACT 360. This includes things I’ve learned about apologetics, politics, community, God, and myself.”

Joseph looks forward to furthering her education in the areas in which she believes God has gifted her by double majoring in philosophy and theology and minoring in political science. She is proud to be the first IMPACT 360 student to join the Erskine community and to implement the tools of community she’s learned at the program.

“We are very proud of Jordan and this great accomplishment,” said IMPACT 360 Director John Basie, who is an Erskine College alumnus and trustee. “Erskine has gained an exceptional student and leader who will be a voice for truth and service among her college peers.”