The second weekend at IMPACT 360 was a busy one! Early on Saturday morning a small group of students arose and headed off to volunteer their services at a local pancake breakfast. The students were not only able to meet other people in their community but they really enjoyed getting to serve alongside of them.
For the rest of the students, Saturday consisted of a little extra sleep and a ton of reading! A few students had the opportunity to enjoy breakfast together before settling in to a hammock or some other quiet space to finish the current book of study, Mission in the Old Testament. This was a common sight over the weekend as the students have a full day of classes on Monday and a paper due on Tuesday.
Finally the students realized that something had to be done… the only solution was a study break! Students piled into cars and made their way into Columbus for some thrift shopping and exploring. Saturday came to a close with some movie watching and relaxing.
On Sunday morning the students ventured out to explore local churches, still on a mission to find their very own home churches for their time at IMPACT. The rest of the day on campus was relatively quiet as student continued their study time… That is until about 7:30 when the students snuck quietly to the edge of campus into the room of Student Learning Coordinator, Daniel Horton to wait in secret to surprise IMPACT’s other SLC Karen Jordan for a celebration of her birthday. The night commenced with the students learning a few worship songs in Portuguese in preparation for their upcoming trips to Brazil. Overall the weekend was a good one, full to the brim with activities and studying. It’s getting harder to manage class time and down time as well as reading and writing papers, but we’re still having fun!Party photos&flower&CFA 055