IMPACT 360 is a nine-month program in Pine Mountain, Ga., that challenges students to know what they believe and why, to understand God’s calling in their lives, and to develop and foster authentic Christian community. Since 2006, IMPACT 360 has produced more than 50 graduates who are motivated to use their knowledge of biblical truth to impact their college campuses and the larger spheres of their lives.

IMPACT 360 alumni are currently enrolled in or have graduated from more than 30 different colleges or universities including the Georgia Institute of Technology, Biola University (CA), Texas A & M University, Wheaton College (IL), Hillsdale College (MI), The King’s College (NY), and Union University (TN), where they pursue an array of academic degrees. Whether they are building community among their peers at a Christian college or defending their faith in the classrooms of a state university, IMPACT 360 alumni are guided by a deep understanding of authentic biblical worldview.

IMPACT 360 alumnus Abby Dickinson knew when she arrived on the University of Georgia campus that one of the first things she needed to do was find community with a group of Christian friends. She also sought out discipleship programs where she could mentor teenage girls and leadership roles in her campus ministry. When it came to deciding on a major, Dickinson again relied on her experience at IMPACT 360 to eventually decide to pursue a major in social work.

“IMPACT 360 helped me to see my strengths and the things I was good at,” Dickinson said. “The people I was surrounded by learned to know me better than anyone in the world. They could see what my strengths are and they helped me to figure out what my calling was and what I would be good at. I’m now in a major that I love and feel like I’m exactly where the Lord wants me.”

After his graduation from IMPACT 360, alumnus Brad McDonald realized that his whole perspective on education had changed. His experience at IMPACT 360 showed him that his interest and studies in biblical worldview could be applied to every area of his life, including college. God eventually led McDonald to The College at Southeastern in Wake Forest, N.C., where he has applied the knowledge he gained at IMPACT 360 and continued to learn discipline, accountability, and service.

“I think [IMPACT 360] was a bigger benefit than going straight to college out of high school because it changed the way I look at education,” Brad said. “I went from seeing it as something that you have to do to make money to seeing it as worship.”