Does biology point to the reality of a creator?

I think the answer is yes. One piece of evidence for a creator comes from work in an area called biomimetics. Biomimetics involves the use of designs in biology to inspire new engineering designs and new technologies. This is one of the hottest areas in engineering today. To me, biomimetics is incredibly provocative because it says that these biological designs must be incredibly elegant and sophisticated if they are to be systematically used to inspire new engineering advances.

On top of that, biomimetics raises questions about whether evolution is the best way to explain the designs in biology. The evolutionary mechanism involves an unguided process that co-opts existing designs and cobbles together new designs. The expectation is that the designs produced by evolution are going to be fundamentally flawed. But if they’re fundamentally flawed, then why would engineers turn to those designs to inspire new technology?

To me, biomimetics only makes sense if designs and biology are truly the handiwork of a creator.