These past two days have been VERY POWERFUL. Please keep praying because these past two days were intense but spirit-filled. Pray that our hearts keep changing to reflect Christ’s image. The services we had at the juvenile detention centers called FASE were so beautiful. I loved them.

In one of our services, Matt got up and shared his testimony. God spoke through him so intensely. I seriously do not know how he said what he did other than the fact that the Holy Spirit was literally up there with him – so strange and wonderful. But while he was sharing, I was praying the whole time. When I began to pray God laid on my heart one specific boy in the audience. He was wearing a flat-billed baseball hat, had a long curly ponytail, and bragged several gang tattoos (he looked about 16). I somehow knew that he was struggling with so much. During Matt’s testimony I could see a battle for his soul. This exuded even through the invisible weight on his shoulders; I kept praying.

Just before our ‘cardboard testimony’ bit, I told Bekah (one of our leaders) how I felt the need to pray for him. Funnily enough, she had been praying for him too. Matt eventually invited the people to pray along with him. Everyone had bowed their heads and for some reason Bekah and I both laid our hands on this kid.

When I got up to give my “cardboard testimony,” I started looking around the room. I felt the need to look at the boy I had been praying for, so I did. I stared him dead in the eye. With this, I felt God’s peace. I felt as if I was looking into the face of a brother – a brother in Christ, that is. If not a brother now, a brother in the future. I know that that is not the last time I will see his face. I have this creeping feeling God is going to cross our paths again, whether on earth or in Heaven.

I know that I cannot know for certain about this young man’s salvation, but I do know how God changed my heart through this service. I know how He indeed gave me a peace that surpasses all understanding.

After we finished I was talking about the service with the team. I found out that not only Bekah and I had been praying for him throughout the service, but two other girls had been as well. God has a plan for this kid. I am sure.


For security reasons, the juveniles cannot be pictured.

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