Having the opportunity to attend the Antiquity Center was a great privilege. This past week we have been studying Biblical Theology with Jonathan Morrow and discussing the resurrection of Jesus and if scripture can be reliable. All of what we had talked about seemed to have met together at the Antiquity Center, almost like a grand finale. History plays a huge part in Christianity and you cannot separate the two. As we learned more about the history of Nazareth in the museum, I found many things interesting but there was one thing in particular that I walked away with, knowing that I’ll never forget it. Our guide was describing to us the word “manger” and explaining to us and even showing us what a manger back then would have looked like. What was also explained was that Jesus was probably not born in a barn but most likely in a cave. Everybody’s reaction should be shocking because this goes against everything we have ever learned in Sunday school or what we have seen on t.v. The story of Jesus is not some fairy tale but it is actually something that happened in history. The more we study scripture, the more we dig into the history, not only will we better understand the context of it all but in a sense it becomes more than a story to us. It becomes life.



traditional Jewish meal