This past weekend, IMPACT360 students enjoyed fellowship and gathering in church to support a fellow classmate as he preached.

Nolan Pelfrey had the opportunity to preach this past Sunday morning at First United Methodist in Pine Mountain. He preached at both the 8:30 AM and 11:00 AM service. He shared a little about what IMPACT360 was all about, how he arrived at IMPACT360 and his personal testimony. Furthermore, Nolan spoke on Ecclesiastes 3 and how there is a time for everything. He believes it is vital to rely on God’s timing of things and not our own. Nolan was honored to have this experience. “God can do amazing things through me and every one of us,” said Nolan. He was also very humbled by being asked to share his story with the church.

Fellowship over the weekend consisted a lot of reciting speeches and critiques. We had a seven minute presentation to prepare in our community groups for class Monday morning. Needless to say, there was an exciting buss around campus as my classmates and I strived to do the proper preparation to excel. Sunday evening, we all enjoyed hot soup and tea before many students began the Daniel Fast. We’re back into the week with class and a lot reading while continuing to learn more about one another. In all of this, we are reminding ourselves and each other to keep our eyes on Christ and dive deeper in our walk with him.

God bless,

Angie Kinjerski