As Fellows at Impact 360, we receive training in philosophy, apologetics, and theology. But why? It is important that we know what we believe so we can share our faith with others. In the final week of September, we applied our knowledge in Utah where we engaged in spiritual conversations with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The trip was undertaken in partnership with Maven, an organization focused on equipping youth to evangelize. We learned the basic theology and belief structure of the LDS church and how best to communicate the Christian Gospel to them.   

Knowing What We Believe

Many in the LDS faith will claim to be Christian, but this is not the case when observing their theology. Both Christianity and LDS profess Christ to be the world’s divine savior, however, LDS doctrine states that Jesus was born as an ordinary man and lived a perfect life so that he became exalted. This differs greatly from the Christian belief they claim to share. Christians believe that Jesus was fully God and man from birth and that he is a member of the Trinity. The Latter-Day Saints’ beliefs separate them from the truth. 

During our conversations with people of the LDS faith, we noticed a common trend: feelings were at the forefront of their arguments. Many of them spoke charismatically, and this required us to respond with deliberate and careful thought. Our discussions were difficult but rewarding and we learned as much about ourselves as about the LDS members we spoke with. We were all physically tired by the end of our time in Utah, but there was also a sense of excitement to share our newly acquired knowledge. Now, we have more confidence to bring the Gospel to other people.  

Sharing the Gospel with Love

The most important growth might be our heartbreak for the lost souls in Utah. Members of the LDS Church are wandering in the dark, searching for the light of Jesus. God loves the lost and sends out his children to find and guide them. We have been called to reach out in truth and love to these people who so desperately need the Lord. Our goal in Utah was to grow in our ability to spread the Gospel, but also to grow inwardly in our love for the lost. All logic and apologetics would mean nothing without this love. If followers of Christ are not brokenhearted at the thought of people living without truth, then we will not share the Gospel. The Fellows obeyed the Great Commission by going out into the world and sharing the Gospel with the people of the LDS church.

We went to Utah to plant seeds in peoples’ minds, knowing that the spreading of the Gospel is not possible without the Holy Spirit acting in the lives of those we came into contact with. Class 17 is now on fire for the Gospel and heartbroken for the lost. This is the blessing and mission we were given in Utah, and we plan to make it count.

Aiden Bryant
Sharpsburg, GA⁠