A night of Catchphrase, karaoke, and a bonfire… I don’t exactly know what the prospective students thought of us, but I sure hope they had fun.  As current IMPACT 360 students, we were so excited to hear that prospective students were coming. In preparing for the night, we thought about what we really enjoy doing.

For us, Catchphrase is a sport. We get serious about the game and do not mess around. I am sure we frightened the prospects with our screaming and yelling of random words.  Also, karaoke was a blast as we sung our hearts out, knowing good and well that we were lacking in the vocals area. The alumni along with prospective students stepped in and sung a duet.  It was great to get them involved.  The bonfire was also a lot of fun with the music, dancing, and s’mores.  It was a great night and all of the current students loved being involved in the activities.

Through a night of laughter, crazy outfits, fun games, and a great time, we so enjoyed getting to meet and spend a little time with these prospective students and show them how we have fun at IMPACT 360!

Seeking Him,
Rachael Krouse