2014 class

As the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year came to an end, we sat down with our students to see what impacted them most during the first part of this year.

The word “community” was the overwhelming refrain as students marveled at the depth of relationships that were formed in these first few months. Nolan Pelfrey said, “The community here is a God-community. One that allows each of us to build off of one another and learn together through our strengths and weaknesses.” Tripp Warren added, “We have students from all over the world and all over the country, and we’re all here together growing, learning and holding each other accountable to what we believe and why. We’re building deep, true, loving relationships that I believe will last forever.”

Several special events also served as highlights, including GNO, TruFaced, The Manhood Retreat and SIFAT (Serving In Faith And Technology). Nate High said that, “SIFAT was mind-blowing. All of us grew from that experience, and we were convicted… together… and moved by God to stretch out and embrace the cold and lonely.” Ivy Batten quickly added, “The Adventure module impacted me the most. In solitude, the Lord stripped me of my pride and revealed areas where I need to serve others and allow others to serve me. I was overwhelmed by His love and His plan for me.”

IMPACT 360 is intentional with our curricula, and we take great care in planning activities and experiences to help students thrive. Learning together means growing together, and that’s where community begins. But it certainly doesn’t end there. Steven Canet smiled: “Our teachers have become mentors and friends. We’re all in this together.”

At IMPACT 360, the classroom experience is just a launching pad for building relationships and going out into the world to create lasting, meaningful change in the world.

Stephen MItchell summed up this idea when he said, “The thing that has meant the most to me over the past few months is that (IMPACT 360) is not just about putting on a smile and acting like a Christian… This place is about living the Christian life together… celebrating with each other and working together through hard things. Each and every day we are learning and living together… working together to leave religion behind and simply follow Jesus.”

It has been a truly remarkable first semester at IMPACT 360. We are all looking forward to a much-needed, well-deserved respite from the day-to-day over the holidays, but we look ever forward to what God has planned in 2014.

Thank you for your prayers, support and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas!