In 2003 John and Trudy White started Lifeshape to facilitate the holistic development of young men and women who have a passionate walk and authentic personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Impact 360 was born out of that vision to transform communities with the message of Jesus Christ by equipping young adults to become Christ-centered servant leaders.

Students are mentored at Impact 360 by some of the world’s most respected teachers & leaders. They spend nine critical months immersed in experiential learning of key values such as world view studies, international missions, and leadership training. The students complete this program prepared for college and are ready to take a stand for Christ in their communities and vocations.

Many students hope to experience a life-changing program like Impact 360, but do not have the necessary resources. Your investment in Lifeshape will go directly to support the Student Grant Fund, a scholarship that helps make Impact 360 accessible to all qualified students regardless of their economic status.

Donate today and help a student become a culture changer, rather than being changed by the culture.

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