Kim and Jordan

It was a normal Friday night. All of us were extremely excited for a chill weekend with nothing unusual taking place. Jordan and I (Kim) had been having a deep conversation in my room, and, feeling that we needed a break, decided to go up to the Davis House. One problem: it was pouring down rain and quite frigid outside. I just looked at Jordan and said “Let’s do it!” So, dressed in jeans and sweat-shirts (and me barefoot) we made a beeline for the “d-house”.

About half way there, we realized two things: A) we had been very stressed out B) THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!! So, being the brilliant people we are, we randomly decided to stand in the rain with mouths open, tongues out, and spin in circles. Eventually, we made it to the d-house, but only to realize…..we kind of really wanted to go back out into the freezing cold pouring rain. Strange I know, but we did it nonetheless.

The next 5 minutes or so were spent running joyously, singing very loudly, dancing unashamedly, and splashing in puddles with a child-like glee. We attempted to persuade others to join us but, sadly, all flatly refused and shook their heads with an “o-my-goodness-these-people-are-insane” expression. Nevertheless, Jordan and I had blast just dancing in the rain! Sometimes the little things in life can be the most refreshing.

Kim Chavers