Oi, back with you guys from Brazil!  

This week was so powerful! We had the opportunity to see God move in so many unique ways. We visited a ministry called Cristiolandia that does evangelism in Brasília to reach out to people with drug addictions. They invite them to know Jesus and transform their lives forever. We spent time with the men and loved on them through conversation, games, and sharing meals. The men performed worship for us through a choir performance and it was so beautiful. It made us emotional knowing where these men once were and seeing what Jesus has been doing to them at Cristiolandia. We got to do some service projects with them and laugh and talk about soccer. It was such a sweet experience and moved all of us in so many ways. God is so good, and He is always working even before we arrive.  

Another beautiful opportunity we got to take part in was partnering with a local church in Brazil. This church was so welcoming and greeted us with smiles and Brazilian snacks. Shortly after we arrived, all of us worshipped with the church and it was so sweet of the church to learn parts of the songs in English for us to sing along with. We then began to make signs and letters to invite people to an event at the church the next night. This was a great way for us to practice initiative evangelism. Our classes at Impact 360 explained that initiative evangelism is reaching people whom we don’t have a previous relationship with. God taught us so much through initiative evangelism with this church. It was so beautiful to see God move and speak through us as we prayed over people and gave out water bottles. The night after evangelizing, we got to see people from the previous day come to hear the Good News and walk up for the altar call. We are celebrating what God is doing in the hearts of people in Brazil! This has not only grown us but changed our thinking about how God is moving in our hearts and the nations.  

We are beyond grateful for all that the Lord has done in and through us here. We are excited to share what we have learned and experienced in this new and amazing culture. Please join us as we continue to pray for Brazil and reflect on how much we will take with us from this month. Tchau! 

Cece Belmont and Ryan Crosley