IMPACT 360 commissioned 31 students on May 11, bringing its sixth year to a celebratory close.

Class of 2012

A pioneer in the gap-year experience, IMPACT 360 is part of a burgeoning movement among high school grads seeking a structured way to grow in faith and real-world experience before continuing on the traditional university path. The Pine Mountain, Ga., program’s innovative “living and learning” philosophy allows participants the chance to fully integrate their daily lives with their faith, worldview, and academics.

Students from the Class of 2012 hailed from ten states, and various educational backgrounds, but the community they formed over the last nine months is one that will endure, even as they move forward to over 14 different colleges and universities around the country, and one international school.

We are extremely proud of these 31 new alumni.  It took courage on their part to walk a different path this year, and we believe God has blessed them for following His lead.  We have no doubt that they will accomplish great things for Him on their university campuses and through the various callings He has given them.

Since opening its doors six years ago, IMPACT 360 has equipped more than 130 graduates to become motivated “changers” on their campuses and in the world marketplace. And with alumni in fields like fashion, politics, theater, ministry, and social work, the IMPACT influence is spreading amongst all age groups and walks of life.

IMPACT 360 was founded in 2006 by John and Trudy Cathy White, to prepare students to be leaders and changers in this generation, and to break the cycle of young adults who abandon their faith when faced with opposition and challenges in the university setting. The outcome is an understanding of God’s unique calling for each person that extends far beyond the classroom.