This past weekend was a ton of fun. Nick Yokum and his brother, Zach Yokum, hosted a Dominion tournament. Dominion is a strategic card game where players try to create the best deck combination possible in order to gain points. At first the game looks incredibly confusing but it is fairly easy to learn after a few rounds. Even though many of the students had never heard of Dominion before the tournament they were able to quickly learn the basics of the game.
The tournament started at 11:00am on Saturday. All 16 players were separated into four different groups and the games were on their way. The rule was that if a player lost they would be moved to a lower bracket. They could still win but it would be twice as hard. However, if one were to lose twice they would be out of the tournament entirely. The games were played continually throughout the day. They only stopped once for a quick lunch break. The tournament finally ended around 7:00pm. After many victories and defeats the winner of the entire game was Bekah. It was surprising to see experienced players lose to someone who had only learned how to play the day before.
Also, Sunday night the Student Life C-group hosted the Impact Christmas event. It was a white elephant gift exchange. The student Life C-Group rearranged the furniture around the fireplace to make room for everyone. It felt like a cozy living room. Everyone sat in a circle and drew number out of a bowl. Then, going in order from lowest to highest number, people would pick a present. They could either pick a new gift or they could steal a gift that someone else had picked. In the end, not everyone got a great gift but everyone had a fantastic time. It was one of the best events yet.
There is still another week left but it is obvious that everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Christmas break.