When the words “Labor Day Weekend” are heard, usually pictures of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill, fireworks with the family, and boat rides on the lake come to mind. This Labor Day, things looked a little different for the holiday on campus. Labor Day wasn’t celebrated in the typical American way, but the students got to put their own touch on the day.

Social distancing and the constant wearing of masks have not been easy on the Fellows. To ensure we get the most out of the next nine months, there are several safety precautions, but it has made it more difficult than usual to bond with all of the Fellows and staff. To honor the holiday, keep safe, and create new memories and bonding opportunities, Impact held a few activities for everyone over the weekend.

Nothing is better than sleeping in on a Monday morning, so Fellows were able to catch up on some extra beauty sleep before they headed down towards the field to play ultimate frisbee. This was the first time the students competed in intramurals. Both houses (Timberline and Breakwater) played with the majority of their suites for the first official time, a definite bonding experience. Even better, both houses were able to interact and have some fun with one another for a good afternoon out in the sun. This was much needed and held extra importance for the community here, as everyone is trying to get to know each other while living during a pandemic.

Besides the obvious fun of the competition, the winning team won points for their house. Both Timberline and Breakwater participate in friendly completions throughout the year, earning points for their house through intramurals, room checks, and going beyond as a servant for their peers. After a huge comeback and hard fight, Breakwater girls won the first round of intramurals.

Usually, when you see a group of teenagers buying bags and bags of spray paint, you automatically assume they are about to do something dumb with them – but not us! A few students here decided to lead an event for their Fellows to have some holiday fun. Each suite was given a blank canvas, masking tape, spray paint, and thirty minutes. The objective in the competition was to create a meaningful, yet stunning artwork with the materials and time given.

After the time was up, each suite put up their unique masterpieces to be judged. The winning suite would give their GA the opportunity to throw shaving cream in the faces of the other GAs. After many different stories told and colors sprayed, the judges had decided the fate from first to fourth place. The guys reigned supreme in their artistic skills in this round of the competition, sealing the second win for Breakwater.

The Labor Day activities held on campus Monday hold great significance in how they can better the community. Simple competitions and artistic expressions allow different types of people to voice their uniqueness and add to the special culture here. Those who lean either toward the athletic type and those who lean towards the artistic type both were given time to shine. The Fellows were able to take a break from everything going around them and devote themselves to a new, supportive community. It can be difficult at times to no longer spend every holiday at home with your family. But here we have a new family, one who serves, loves, and cherishes one another.



by Hannah Schell