Our day in Cape Town began with a talk from our dear Shea Foster, a Program Coordinator at Impact 360. Her story was of a time when she learned a neat method by which to hear from God. In her story, she was encouraged by a fellow Christian to close her eyes and pray for the Lord to reveal to her whom she should talk to that day. The method he coined as “Treasure Hunting;” you are to seek who the Lord prompts you to, using the map of prayer to reach the “buried treasure.” When Shea did this, she saw a blue shirt and a tree, and later that day, there was a woman in a blue shirt under a large tree. That’s when Shea knew the Lord wanted her to speak to this lady. And so she did. The lady’s heart was ready to hear and the conversation was fruitful. Shea now prompted us to do this. 

At first, I (Joshua) thought the idea to be a little bizarre, but I tried it. I closed my eyes and asked God to give me a sign to follow when went out to evangelize. At the end of my prayer, a brief image of an orange tank top popped into my head. I thought nothing of it at the time but kept it in my mind.  

Our day of street evangelizing was about to commence, but my heart was not willing at all. I was completely tired and had no desire to spread the Word. I prayed to the Lord that He would give me a heart for Him and to share His Word. Little did I know that my prayer was soon to be answered. 

My friends and I embarked on our trip. As we walked we conversed over the mystery of how we know if God is speaking to us. Is the Lord revealing images in our minds to lead us to someone, or are we just thinking about these images on our own accord?  

Then, as we were walking across the road, I saw him. The man in the orange tank top. I was ecstatic! The Lord had presented him right in front of me and my friends. We ran across the street straight toward him and I introduced myself. It was a beautiful moment. The conversation and delivery of the gospel went perfectly. The Lord had answered my call. I was in a completely joyful state as I spoke to the man in the orange tank top whose name, I found out, was Marko. We covered many things in the 30 minutes we had with him. It ended and my group and I were astounded. The Lord had prepared this man’s heart for what we were meant to give him that day: Jesus Christ. 

Joshua Smart