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The Masters is taking place this weekend about 3.5 hours East of Pine Mountain. You don’t have to be a fan of golf to know that this tournament is a pretty big deal. Not only is The Masters one of the four major championships in professional golf, it is widely known as one of the greatest sporting events in the world.

Why is that? Is it the location? Augusta, Georgia is nice, but it hardly ranks as one of the most exotic or must-see cities in the world. The golf course itself – Augusta National – is certainly one of the most beautiful courses you will ever see. It has been referred to as “hallowed ground,” and “the cathedral of golf” where no weed would dare show its face, but that’s probably not the reason either.

As sportscaster, Jim Nantz, famously recites each year, The Masters is “a tradition unlike any other.” From the very beginning of the tournament in 1934, the first weekend in April has been all about creating, maintaining and deepening traditions. Never mind some of the negativity that has been brought up in recent years about gender equality and accusations of a “good old boys club;” this tournament is special because of the incredible, rave-worthy traditions that continue to be proven true each and every year.

From legendary pimento cheese sandwiches to the Azalea bushes and par-three family contest; to “Amen Corner,” and of course, the Green Jacket that is awarded to the winner each year, there’s something inherently and innately special about the consistency of The Masters.

But why are we writing about a golf tournament on the Impact 360 Institute blog? What could The Masters possibly have to do with a Gap-Year program in Pine Mountain, Georgia?

Tradition is something that starts wherever you are. The decisions we make today and the stories we live out every day can turn the mundane into something miraculous. But just like The Masters, greatness doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s about consistency and striving ever forward to be better, more meaningful and more influential in the lives we lead and the lives we impact over time.

Enjoy the tournament this weekend. As you do, think about some of the traditions you are starting today – by how you live, what you learn and how you apply those things to your life. How are you creating ‘a life unlike any other’?