Dr. Jonathan Morrow, Director of Cultural Engagement & Immersion here at Impact 360 Institute was interviewed by CBN yesterday about the eyewitness testimony of the resurrection that will make you never doubt again. He addresses the conspiracy theory, that the women went to the wrong tomb, people lied about the resurrection and more arguments that Jesus did not raise from the dead.

In regards to the conspiracy theory Morrow explains, “The earliest disciples would have known – not just believed, but would have known – that either Jesus was who He claimed to be and was actually raised from the dead or they were making this thing up. And yet history tells us that we have good reason to think they all went to their death with the exception of one for that core belief: that Jesus was raised from the dead. They didn’t recant that. Conspiracies break down under pressure. And this conspiracy would have cost them their lives.”

It is harder to believe that over 500 eyewitnesses of the resurrection of Jesus actually were all lying. Morrow examines why, “You’ve got living history. You’ve got the people who were there to cross-check whatever message is being put out there. So, it’s not as though these things could have been invented and no one would have challenged it. You’ve got this idea that ‘there are witnesses; go investigate them.’”

As Easter weekend approaches, check out this great conversation on the proof of the resurrection. Know the truth about the resurrection and how that affects your faith today. After all, if Jesus is still dead, so is your religion.

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