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Know. Be. Live.® is a groundbreaking work that addresses cultural challenges and potential solutions to making disciples in Gen Z.

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About Impact 360 Institute

About Impact 360 Institute

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We believe in raising a generation of leaders who know Jesus deeply, choose to be transformed in their character, and live with Spirit-empowered influence. Because all truth is God’s truth we reject the idea that reality is to be carved up into the artificial categories of sacred and secular. As Christ-followers we are called to live every aspect of our lives under God’s authority and for God’s glory. Classical thinkers referred to this as Coram Deo (literally “before the face of God”). How we think and how we live go together, and are all based in this reality.

In September of 2006, Impact 360 Gap Year (Fellows) was born. The inaugural Fellows class of 18 students became pioneers in the world of academic gap year programs, studying Christian Worldview, living in community, and practicing servant leadership amongst their peers locally and internationally. Impact 360 Fellows is now celebrating the 17th year of the program and has had more than 450 graduates from 35 different states, fourteen countries, and various educational backgrounds, creating a web of motivated “changers” on college campuses across the US, and in the world marketplace.
Today, Impact 360 Institute offers students and young professionals from all walks of life transformative worldview and leadership experiences like Impact 360 Fellows, Impact 360 Immersion, Impact 360 Propel, and Impact 360 Residency.