1. Every Accepted Impact 360 Fellow receives the Lifeshape Legacy Scholarship. Thanks to the generosity of Lifeshape®, and in support of their mission to cultivate servant leaders, the Lifeshape Legacy Scholarship is awarded to each Fellow as an investment into the next generation of leaders who follow Jesus. This scholarship covers over 50% ($20,000) of the cost of the Impact 360 Fellows experience.
  2. The all-inclusive Impact 360 Fellows Experience for 2021-2022 costs $19,200. Program costs include:
    • 18 hours of transferable college credit from Union University.
    • Leadership Training at Chick-fil-A Corporate headquarters.
    • A unique community with other like-minded young adults.
    • Assessments are given to discover more of who students were made to be.
    • Financial assistance is available to qualified Gap Year students through Lifeshape, Inc.
    • A one-month international immersion experience in Brazil.
    • 15 meals per week from our in-house executive chef and culinary services team
    • Unlimited access to our campus gym and various recreational facilities.
    • All books for our various modules.
  3. All Fellows Participants Earn Exclusive Scholarships From Top Christian Universities.
  4. Credit Hours and Transfer
    • On average, Impact 360 Fellows graduate from college before peers their own age. The national average is 6 years to complete undergraduate studies, Impact 360 Fellows graduate in an average of 4.3 years. 
  5. Additional Financial Assistance
    • The Lifeshape Student Grant Fund provides need-based financial aid to students who cannot afford the subsidized cost of Impact 360 Fellows. This aid is in addition to the merit-based 50 percent subsidy that Lifeshape provides to all Impact 360 Fellows upon acceptance into the program.
    • Our desire is to make this program possible for any young leader, we do not desire for finances to be a hindrance to cultivating the next generation of leaders who follow Jesus. Start your application. 
    • Although we enroll students throughout the academic year, we have specific interview dates each month and application deadlines that correspond to them. We encourage students who are pursuing Impact 360 Fellows to submit their application by the following dates to be considered for an interview this Fall.
      • February 22
      • March 22
      • April 5


Impact 360 Fellows 2021-2022

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