There is a lot of talk today about fixing America. Don’t get me wrong. Politics are important. But in truth, politics can’t fix America, because the polis (or the city) is comprised of people who hold certain assumptions about good and evil, and right and wrong.

Therefore if the people are morally confused and blinded by a false sense of tolerance, then the city and country will be as well.

Ethics professor Scott Rae is exactly right when he says:

“Most people would not want to live in a society in which morality was unimportant, in which conceptions of right and wrong carried little weight. In fact, it is unlikely that any sort of civilized society could continue unless it had concern for important moral values such as fairness, justice, truthfulness, and compassion. Ethics are important because they give direction to people and societies, who have some sense that they cannot flourish without being moral.”

So what do we do?

We need to rebuild the moral foundation of a country, and that begins with individuals coming to the conclusion that there is real truth about questions that matter.

Truth exists and you can know it.


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