You find yourself in this world as a child who people want to see, touch and hold in their hands to show their love to you which is always a sweet thing to do. After a while as you begin to grow, you start mumbling words showing a sign of talking and most of all giggling or crying to express how you feel. Crawling from one point to another becomes the next step.

All along at this point in life, it is a miracle from the Lord to be alive. As you grow life becomes more and more real and things begin to make sense as you go to school, meet different people at different places. This becomes part of life where many have different careers to earn a living and some have their own families until when their days here on earth are no more.

Through God’s mercy many live to be hundred, thirty, twenty, ten, two years old etc before dying then buried. In a graveyard the most common theme is the dash period. These are the years lived between the date of birth and the date of death. Most of the time it is difficult to tell or know what a person did while they were alive. The question that everyone seem to have is, “What did that particular person do while they were still living?” Are you living every day as if it is the last one? Are you making good choices before The Lord? or are you wasting your life? May our lives be glorifying Jesus Christ in all we do. “Abraham grew strong in his faith and as he grew he gave all the glory to God.” Romans 4:20

May the Lord speedily continue to add many souls into His glorious kingdom through his everlasting Word. Amen!