If you’re considering college, you know that higher education is an investment of both time and money. What you may not know is that being an Impact 360 Gap Year alumni can benefit you in both of those areas. In fact, our Impact 360 Gap Year alumni finish college faster than the national average, even with the inclusion of their Gap Year. The majority of our Gap Year students finish college at average of 4.2 years, while the national average is 6 years. And thanks to Union University, the financial benefits continue.

As our academic partner, Union offers unique scholarships that make a solid education more affordable. Since 2006, Impact 360 Institute has been cultivating leaders who follow Jesus by equipping them to know why they believe what they believe, be who God created them to be, and live what they learn. For the past 11 years, with the help of Union University, we’ve seen over 300 students go on to pursue a quality education with the tools they need to succeed in college and their careers.

Union University sees the value of Impact 360 Gap Year. They know that it’s important for students to take the time to own their faith and step into who God has created them to be. That’s why Union offers Impact 360 Gap Year alumni a unique and generous minimum scholarship package of $15,000 per year! This is a minimum scholarship package, which means Gap Year alumni can earn additional scholarships on top of this one. Robbie Graves of Union says this:

“Union University values our exclusive academic partnership with Impact 360 and the shared vision of raising up a generation of Christ-centered servant leaders. Impact 360 graduates have been equipped with Christian worldview experiences and opportunities that make them ideal candidates for enrollment at Union University. These students tend to personify the core values that we hold dear at Union—Excellence-Driven, Christ-Centered, People-Focused, and Future-Directed. In an effort to encourage students to complete their degree at Union University and to help make Christian education affordable, Union University is pleased to offer a minimum total scholarship package of $15,000 per year to students who complete the Impact 360 Gap Year experience.”

The value is two-fold. First, come to Impact 360 Gap Year and get an experience where you get grounded in your faith, develop a community of like-minded peers, and make an investment in your future. Then, attend Union University on an excellent scholarship like this one. You’ll prepare to have an influence on your community, and save money on college while you do it!

Be sure to check out www.uu.edu for more excellent opportunities at Union, and contact the Impact 360 Institute Enrollment Team to find out how you can apply for Gap Year today!