We may have different responsibilities on a day to day bases to accomplish different roles that we have.  Sometimes work may seem so important than who will be getting the present or end result of what we do. Service changes how we approach or do our work because we constantly think how we accomplish work and how we intentionally serve or influence others in all that we do. Realizing that work involves service , it is very important to think closely about what we are doing, how and who is and will be influenced with what we do on day to day responsibilities.

A few weeks ago IMPACT 360 and Communities in Transformation(CIT) came together to serve at Conyers,Georgia in apartment complex on what CIT calls first touch. CIT goal is to see the communities in transformation by organizing and training volunteers on how to intentionally serve others by doing after school programs, working  with elderly and different ways on how to be  involved in the local Church. We were blessed to be part of this by driving in this community in prayer and the first thing we did when we were there was to go around 200 homes handing out fliers on what CIT was doing that day. Different activities are always involved, playing sports around the area, great music, food, and above all opportunity to make great relationships so as to be able to come back for the next step in transforming a community. It was such a blessing to serve and get to know people, find out who they are, what they do and how we can serve them in the love of Jesus Christ.

When you think of work, remember the blessing of great service while working. Be very blessed today and may we always remember we are serving and making a great influence on how we do what we do. Hallelujah!! smile God is Great?