Team DOUG has loved being in beautiful South Africa. We are honored to call it our home for three weeks and have done a lot of preparation to be here, such as creating a team name that represents our core values. So, what does DOUG mean?

D stands for delight.
As a team, our goal is to find peace and rest in the beauty of God’s love.

O represents open-mindedness.
We want to have the ability to be ready for anything, as well as be selfless.

U is for Unity.
We are a team that runs as a unit, supporting each other always.

G stands for genuine.
The team has made it a goal to be our true selves to grow closer in these vulnerable times.

This past week, team DOUG has been able to use all of our core values every day. From serving the local families nutritious meals, being challenged in the sports ministries, and sharing lunch with Hillsong church leaders, our learning never ends. On our adventures, we find delight in God’s beautiful creation and creatures. As a team, we got to see God work in so many ways using our values. God’s love is all around us in South Africa. 

International Immersion has been truly life-changing. This place will be a place I will never forget. I love how the people are so open to our team. I truly feel blessed by the people we have gotten to love. 
– Joshua Tabor 

South Africa has been stretching my faith. The beauty here is breathtaking. My heart is full of love, my eyes full of compassion. 
-Hannah Pierce 

South Africa is very different from being at home. It has opened my eyes to what other culture looks like and I’m excited for more to come.
– Eli DeVaughn 

Kendall Cochran