As I have come to know the members of the current IMPACT 360 class, I am eager to ask the question, “How are you different now than in September when you first moved in?” One student said, “I have learned so much about the Bible, what I believe, how to defend my faith, and so much about myself. I am learning to ask the tough questions.” 

Another said, “Being here has helped me realize so many things about myself that I did not know were there. I’ve learned to really dig deep into my thoughts, passions, and feelings, which has really enhanced my ability to have good, solid, relationships with people and understand God better. IMPACT 360 has challenged me in almost every way and I am extremely grateful for that.” 

In the end, their remarks boil down to our mission statement, which is to equip young adults to become Christ-centered servant leaders. 

We cannot underestimate the power our secularized culture has to influence young leaders to take the wrong path in life. Dr. JP Moreland said it best at the beginning of the semester, “there are a lot of forces in our culture that are going try to lead these students in the wrong direction about what adulthood looks like, and what it is to be a mature adult. The time here at IMPACT 360this year will give them a good model as to what it means to become a mature man or woman and to grow.”

This Christmas, our team is thankful that the Holy Spirit has been faithful to come alongside this class of uniquely gifted students and is helping them to see His divine image in them. We ask for your prayers as they prepare for their month-long experience in Brazil and the spring semester. Pray specifically for life-changing transformation for these students and for those with whom they come in contact in Brazil as well as stateside. 

May the blessing of Christ our Savior be yours this Christmas and in the New Year. 

John D. Basie