The end of an adventure. Team Three has done a lot and seen the Lord work in such faithful ways. Every day we are surprised by how much we can learn from the people in this country. We have gotten to serve alongside Living Hope and we have many stories of the Lord’s work.  

The first story deals with God’s conviction. On Thursday, we did patient house visits with the Living Hope staff. Due to this, my legs were very sore and I (Jacob) began to complain to myself. I wanted the morning to be over so I could sit down and take a break from work. As we were doing the visits, we went into an older gentleman’s home where he sat in a wheelchair with one of his legs missing. The nurses talked with him in his language and I stood there contemplating my ungratefulness. Once we were out of his home, she told me that he had said God is still good and he trusts in Him. This interaction made me guilty of my complaints. I thanked God for giving me legs that worked and can get sore. It taught me to be more grateful and to give thanks to God for the simple things. 


The second story comes from another Fellow on Friday. Our team got to work in the health care center with the patients there, most of whom were older. Our job was to entertain them by playing games, reading books, and talking. One of the young women on our team, Lauren, was assigned to wash the feet of an elderly woman. As she washed, she talked with the woman and got to hear about her life story and how God has worked in her life. Lauren said that God reminded her of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples at the Last Supper. If footwashing was not below Jesus, how could it be below her? It taught her to humble herself and be a servant to others just like Christ. 

We will miss South Africa, but the lessons God taught us will stay with us forever. 

Kendall Cochran and Jacob Mossberg