This past week has been a whirlwind of adventure, service, and fellowship with the local communities here in Brasília. We got to serve one of our local church partners by painting a sports court. Another amazing activity we got to do was participate in an evangelism workshop, and then we used the knowledge and skills we learned at a bus station. Later, we had the opportunity to serve single moms and their kids. This week was filled with so much joy and many hearts ready to serve the Lord.

Painting the Sports Court
We had the most wonderful welcome from one of our local church partners here in Brasília. We knew our goal for the day was to paint and finish the sports court. Pastor Julio wanted the kids and families of his church to enjoy the outside again on the court, and the only way to do that was to clean up and repaint it. We all had so much fun working and laughing together with this project. Throughout our time serving, the church gave us some of the best food we’ve ever had. We all ate so well that day and it provided more than enough energy to get back to work and finish the court.

Everybody was so sweet and loved us so well throughout this experience. This special project of painting a sports court is an experience we will never forget!

Projecto Mais
Another service opportunity we got to help with is called Projecto Mais. Projecto Mais is an organization founded by Lifeshape alumni to help mothers in Brasilia. These mothers are not all divorced or unmarried but for various reasons are raising their kids alone. They brought their kids to have a day of fun and snacks while they received encouragement and had community with one another. Fellows had a variety of roles to serve in, such as kids ministry, cooking, and active listening with moms.


“Doing the macromet class with the moms was so special to me. Even when it was hard to understand each other, we never stopped talking and laughing. I felt really bonded to the mothers with such a fun, sweet time.”
-Becky Mason

Another incredible opportunity that Projecto Mais gave us was a chance to minister to the kids! They had time to paint, make bracelets, and play games with a big group of us Fellows. We came into this day expecting to pour into these kids and moms but left being filled as well with the joy and love these people poured into us.

“It was really special to build connections with the kids and see how willing they are to give and receive love.”
-Maggie Gaspard

Thank you for following along with us this month! Please be praying for our last days as we continue to immerse in the culture and minister to each other and the people of Brazil.

Cece Belmont and Ryan Crosley