Last week, our class delved into discussing knowledge, its’ origin, the redemptive principles of the Bible, and our American culture. Luckily, we boldly were lead by a professor who is both wise and hilarious, Gene Fant. Marrying his knowledge of philosophy, literature, and other fields, Fant instructed the class on the necessity of knowing God before any of us can understand the world around us; moreover in our pursuits, we became cognizant that God is the source of everything
in the universe. Gene Fant argued: “All being and reality emanates from God; therefore, God is not a destination but a source.”

Dr. Gene Fant - Union University

Prevalent also was Fant’s passion for the Bible’s redemptive story. He discussed about how the world around us is craving for the return of balance to the world, seeking fulfillment and wholeness. The Bible is the transcendent story of a
wonderful redemption principle.

Fant’s lecture allowed for us all to see clearly how necessary it is to found our lives on God’s unconditional love and eternal wisdom. Gene Fant was yet another example for us all of the professors we are blessed to have at IMPACT; their love for
the Lord is continually evident in everything we do. We are truly thankful to him, and all he has taught us.

Daniel Poeana
IMPACT 360 | Class of 2011