Dr. Gentry, a professor from Columbia International University, joined us this week from October 15 through October 18 to teach us about worldview, and how all of ours are wrong. His point was that God’s worldview is the only correct one, and because of the fall, we each take in the world around us in a different/muddled way.

Although this idea seems to be an easy one to grasp, the idea that we were wrong in our worldview, for some of us, took almost 3 days. It was troubling for some of us to realize that what we say we believe and what we actually believe are two totally different things in modern-day. For example. one may believe lying is wrong and still lie. It is not that we think lying is right, but sin disallows us to be able to follow our worldview. We had to get to this point of realization that our actions and beliefs do not match up. Gentry was then able to build us back up to the fact the Christianity accounts for this “worldview relativism” due to the fall of man. Christianity is not spot on due to our fallacies, but it is pointing to the one true worldview- God.

Many Christians still evangelize/believe as if they are under the modern era. They feel that they have to prove their faith to the point where one can be 100% sure of it, an era where the naturalists reigned. We are now under a post-modern era in which authenticity, living out your faith, reigns over certainty, proving it,  and a culture where not one single group, such as christianity, naturalism, or New Age , dominates the main way of thinking.Better understanding the culture around you is a main component to modern evangelism.

We have to acknowledge the need in our Era for this authenticity. As Christians, we understand that we are not capable because of sin to live by our worldview. It is by grace through Jesus Christ that the gap is filled. It’s our responsibility to be real with the people around us and admit we are not perfect. It is only by God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness that we can be called his children and strive to live a life that is worth of the calling of the Gospel.

God bless,

Cameron Skonhovd and Angie Kinjerski