This week the students were finally able to jump into their designated service opportunities. Students were sent out all over the community to assist with local projects and organizations, to learn to have a servant’s heart, and to learn how to share their gifts with the city in which they live. Some students volunteered at a local elementary school while others helped out at the fire department or other local destinations such as FDR State Park. Overall, the students all enjoyed working with their service organizations this week and are looking forward to being able to go back next Tuesday and every following Tuesday of the year.
Today students will be in classes the majority of the day but this evening they have been given an opportunity to attend a dinner with CIU, the university from which this week’s guest professor is a staff member. After dinner, the students will be participating in a talent show on campus as a way to kick back for a while before wrapping up the wonderful week they’ve had with Dr. Beyer.
Tomorrow as the week closes out the students have the opportunity to go meet other men and women in the community with the opportunity to find a mentor. Not only will the students be able to impact the community through their service organizations but the community will be able to impact them as well!
As a student body we have been incredibly blessed with all the opportunities we’ve had this week and we are so excited to continue using these opportunities to the best of our ability.
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