Impact 360 Institute is thrilled to announce an innovative partnership with Connect Ministries, which brings forth an unparalleled educational and transformative experience for aspiring faith-filled leaders in ministry and the marketplace.  

The Master of Arts in Leadership program, an exclusive offering of North Greenville University in partnership with Impact 360 Institute, epitomizes the convergence of academic excellence and Kingdom-focused leadership development. At its core, this two-year program is dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration needed to become culture-shaping, Christ-centered, servant leaders. Impact 360 Residency Director, Dr. John Basie states:

We could not be more excited about this new three-way alliance with Impact 360 Institute, Connect Ministries, and North Greenville University. We wait with hopeful expectation as to how God will choose to expand His kingdom through it.” – John Basie, Impact 360 Institute

North Greenville University is committed to nurturing and fostering the development of transformational leaders. This partnership underscores NGU’s dedication to molding leaders who lead with integrity, a dedication to service, and a deep-rooted sense of purpose, contributing to the flourishing of society and the fulfillment of their Christian calling. Nathan Finn, Executive Director of The Institute for Transformational Leadership at North Greenville University states:

“I could not be more excited about this strategic new partnership. Our respective organizations share so many common values and priorities. That overlapping ‘DNA’ is reflected in the courses that comprise the MA in Leadership. Moving forward, North Greenville is honored to offer that degree in conjunction with the Residency programs at both the Impact 360 Institute and Connect Ministries.” – Nathan Finn, North Greenville University

A hallmark of this program is the opportunity for students to engage in leadership intensives on both the Impact 360 Institute campus and North Greenville University’s campus in Tigerville, South Carolina. Through these intensives, students will immerse themselves in focused learning, collaborate with the other Residents, and benefit from the rich academic resources NGU offers. 

Impact 360 Institute, a trailblazer in inspiring and equipping the next generation of disciples, has consistently demonstrated its ability to catalyze personal growth, leadership acumen, and spiritual maturity.  

Connect Ministries, with its mission-aligned values and a strong commitment to connecting local churches to their community, seamlessly integrates into the program’s fabric. Connect Ministry’s mission is to “help Churches meet new people”. Over the past 17 years, Connect Ministries has connected over 2,000 churches with over 500,000 people through community-driven, gospel-centered experiences. The inception of the new Residency program at Connect Ministries is an exciting new chapter and there are already many former summer staff at Connect considering joining the first cohort starting in August of 2024. The inclusion of Connect Ministries as a strategic partner enables students to take their leadership education and delve into real-world scenarios, applying their learning to actual ministry contexts. Ken Thomas, President of Connect Ministries states:

Connect Ministries has a long-standing passion for developing young leaders for influence in both ministry and business. This new partnership with Impact 360 Institute and North Greenville University will provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to the next generation of Christian leaders. We look forward to welcoming Connect Residency students in the Fall of 2024!” – Ken Thomas, Connect Ministries

This collaboration is poised to empower graduate students with a truly unique educational journey. By immersing themselves in the rich tapestry of Impact 360 Institute’s legacy of cultivating holistic disciples, learning from NGU’s academic excellence, and experiencing Connect Ministries’ impactful nationwide mission, participants will emerge as well-rounded, mission-driven leaders ready to make a lasting difference in the world. 

We are excited about the transformative potential this partnership holds and look forward to celebrating the growth, Kingdom impact, and life-long stewardship of the Master of Arts in Leadership program’s future graduates.