Team Compass, which is made up of Impact 360 Fellows and students from Lifeshape Brazil, has had a great experience so far in Kentucky. After arriving safely Friday night, we headed into Saturday morning with a session from our very own Chad Rosell, who taught on Genesis 4-9. This prepared us for the Ark Encounter, which is a life-size replication of Noah’s Ark. Our team learned about God’s faithfulness through His promises to Noah, and we were reminded of how He still fulfills His promises to us today.

Sunday morning, all three teams went to various churches in Louisville and talked with missionaries who work in other countries. Monday involved going to the Churchill Downs chaplaincy and helping them get prepped for their weekly Monday night chapel, which reaches out to the families of workers at the Derby. Our students were able to put on a skit along with a worship service, and one student had the opportunity to share his testimony.

On Tuesday, Team Compass spent time at a coffee shop, having devotionals and engaging in fellowship before heading to the Table. The Table is a restaurant that serves as a ministry to their neighborhood by holding church services and providing food for those in their community.

Next, we went to Scarlet Hope, a non-profit organization that seeks to help women leave the adult entertainment industry. They do this by visiting strip clubs to form relationships and share the Gospel with the people who work there. Scarlet Hope then works with these women to provide them with a chance to start a new life. We were able to partner with their ministry by driving through Louisville and praying for the areas heavily affected by sex trafficking. To conclude, Team Compass has been blessed with wonderful opportunities to serve the people of Louisville. We would appreciate prayers for strength, wisdom, and health as we continue to grow during this trip.

“So far in Kentucky, God has been teaching me the importance of incorporating both the study of Scripture and serving in ministry. These have to work together instead of prioritizing one over the other. Otherwise, a piece of the Christian life is compromised. For example, when we served at the Kentucky Derby chaplaincy, I saw how the volunteers balanced teaching the Bible to the workers at the racetrack with actively meeting the practical needs in their community. This was a helpful reminder of how I should practice service and discipleship when I go back home.” – Rachel Beth

by Lindsey Aarum and Ruthie Bischoff