Yesterday, Jonathon, Jordan, Katie, and I drove over to the Callaway Blue bottling facility in Hamilton, GA to pick up some water bottles for our campus. We only use Callaway Blue water at IMPACT 360. Why? We have had ties to the Callaway family since our founding; it is bottled locally, so it is an opportunity for us to invest in our community; but most importantly, it tastes the best. While we were in the office, Jonathon decided to ask if wecould see the spring. Low and behold, Ken Callaway is in the next room and offers to take us over to it and give us the tour. Ken explained to us that the source of the spring is hundreds of feet below the surface. The water travels through large underwater caverns to surface on the Callaway property. The spring pours out hundreds of gallons per minute. It is enough water to satisfy all of Callaway Blue’s bottling needs as well as fill the Callaway’s private pool (which is massive!). It was amazing to see and hear about the spring. It was a reminder of the goodness of God. So much blessing flows out of that spring to us but, one day it may runout or in some way cease. However, God is a source of blessing that will never run out. God is the ultimate source of all blessing in the universe. He blesses us now and will continue to bless us throughout eternity with himself and hiscreation. It all flows from Him. The Callaways do not have a pool large enough to contain even His daily blessings on us.

Caleb Hand