For so long, I have been saying “I am just trying to hold onto God’s grace”. Every time I try, I fail. I have had the opportunity this past weekend to spend several hours talking to Mr. and Mrs. Orman and Elizabeth Gwynn, former missionaries to Brazil and lifelong servants of the Lord. This opportunity was wonderful and I had a great time. They imparted so much wisdom upon me and I felt that I learned so much from the short time spent with them.
They encouraged me to not say that I am holding onto God’s grace, but that His grace is holding onto me. I don’t deserve His grace, yet He has poured it out on me. The weak cannot hold onto the strong, but surely the strong can hold onto the weak.
My encouragement is to let God hold onto you in your weakness. You are not able to hold onto Him, but He is more than capable of holding onto you. Know that and believe it. Move it from your head to your heart. It is one of the hardest things to do and I am trying to do it myself but with God’s grace, it will get there.

Seeking Him,
Rachael Krouse