It’s that time of year! The student life C-group put a great deal of effort into planning for the first separate GNO’s. After the conclusion of class, the academy lead by Jonathan Morrow, all Impact students prepared for the night’s festivities. All the men and women dressed up. Quite a sharp looking group, really. After a few brief group photos and candids, both groups loaded up the vans and headed off to their designated locales. The girls headed to Chilis, while the guys went to The Cannon. Jonathan and Joseph Wilson joined the guys and engaged in a lively discussion about secular music, entertainment, and media choices. The Cannon is well known for its homemade root beer, and the vast majority of the guys enjoyed that treat. While only a few remain on the Daniel fast, all but one broke fast to celebrate the community that has been developed and continues to be developed at Impact360. Nick Yokum deserves our highest recognition, as he was surrounded by pizza, burgers, and calzones galore. Yet despite all of this he, did not break fast. After the meal was consumed, all the men filed out of the restaurant. While walking toward the parking garage, Cameron Skonhovd sang his heart out, for all the world to hear. He was unexpectedly stopped by Derek, a talent agent/recruiter, from New York. He was very interested in Cameron, and gave him two e-mail addresses by which to contact him. Cameron has yet to hear from him, but this is without a doubt, a very exciting possibility for Cameron, as he has goals to pursue something in the music industry.

Upon the return to campus, all students were informed that the Brazil teams were to be revealed that night! All gathered in front of the Davis house, while the SLC team completed the final preparations. At the stroke of nine, all students flooded in. Karen Jordan gave the announcement that each student had a cupcake awaiting them to be eaten, but only when each student had obtained a cupcake. After each cupcake had been collected, Karen counted to three. At the sound of three, the cupcake was bitten in half. Half of them were filled with caramel, and the others with chocolate. The students will caramel filling are going to Porto Alegre, while the chocolate filled ones denoted the students going to Brasilia! After the initial confusion, followed by shouts of jubilation, the groups were ushered into either the library or SLC office for celebratory ice cream and brownies. All in all, it was a great night.