Well folks, the semester is winding down. Commissioning is only just around the corner. On one hand the whole campus is building in excitement; on the other, sadness. As our campus is being dismantled we realize that even when we come back to visit, its never going to be the same. Mom and Dad are redoing the room, before we have even leave for school. But we understand. We joined knowing that progress was important. It seems like we would have prepared ourselves for this period of time. But as we start to look at what life might look like post-IMPACT360, the thought comes, we are not the same thirty students that came here on the fourth of september of 2012. Maybe we are more prepared than we are willing to admit. I’d be willing to bet that the excitement of things to come far outweighs the sadness. G. K. Chesterton said that an inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. So consider this, while these last few weeks will surely not be easy, it is in the difficulty of a task that we can measure its worth.

Ben Dorsey