After an incredible week of classroom learning with John Kilner the students were able to leave campus for the weekend to enjoy their last break of the year. Many students had the opportunity to go home to be with their families and were able to enjoy Easter in their home churches. Not only did this break allow us to observe the death and resurrection of Christ, the basis of our faith, but it also symbolized a lot of lasts for the students of class of 2014. This is our last break…while home, many of us made plans for college in the fall, when we returned to campus we prepared ourselves for our last few weeks of classes. The year is winding to a close and there is much to be done. We as a class want to focus on our time spent with each other and finishing well. Finishing well is something that we have discussed a lot recently. What does that mean? In order to finish well it is important that we continue to value the relationships that we have gained this year rather than disconnecting from them prematurely in order to prepare ourselves for the relationships that will come. It is not only in relationships that we need to finish well but also in the classroom. It is crucial that we continue to put forth our best effort and strive for academic excellence. We can best move into our future if we take control of our present. Impact 360 has taught us a myriad of things and now moving forward we have the chance to share them with the world.

– Kelsey Morse