This week Impact 360 had the honor of welcoming Del Tackett as our visiting professor. If you’ve never heard the name before let me set a little background. Dr. Tackett  is a name most commonly associated with a video series known as The Truth Project, a project designed to bring the Christian Worldview back to the body of Christ. He teaches at Focus on the Family Institute, and served more than 20 years in the Air Force. Overall, he was an absolutely incredible professor to listen to.

Although he was only with us for 3 days, he took us through a variety of topics that left us wishing we had more time to explore and learn. Dr. Tackett focused on the different social spheres and orders and our relationships within them. He brought up so many questions that forced us to just sit there and THINK. You would think that after 7 months at Impact we’d be used to thinking hard and thinking well…but I guess it’s something you never get completely used to! All three days of class had us sitting on the edge of our seats trying to get to the root of the different problems within the social systems that Dr. Tackett was bringing up. But the fun didn’t stop there!

Outside the classroom brought on even MORE interesting interactions with Dr. Tackett. We learned that he is QUITE the talented Frisbee player….it quickly became an issue of not what team HAD to take Dr. Tackett but which team WANTED to take Dr. Tackett. Also, he was entertained by a group of dancing students while they cleaned the kitchen…even though at the time they didn’t know he was watching.

Our class was very thankful for the chance we were given to learn under this incredible mentor and teacher. He brought to mind many new issues to ponder and instigated many interesting conversations throughout the week, both inside and outside of the classroom. Thank you Dr. Tackett!!