Duane Litfin, former president of Wheaton College has been speaking the past three days at Impact. We have been discussing the authority and reliability of Scripture. Although I have had a tiring and busy week, it has been an excellent module.

I am convicted. He has told us so many good things, but the overriding theme is that we cannot make Scripture say what we want it to say. This is an obvious statement, but really ponder that. We cannot interpret Scripture and say, “oh, this verse is for me!” Take Jeremiah 29:11 for example. This verse was intended for the Israelites. We use that verse to apply it to our lives which I don’t believe is inherently wrong, but I do think we all need to be much more conscious of what we are truly saying. We do not want to pervert the Word of God and make it say something that it is not truly saying.
With this, comes much responsibility. I believe we (I know I do this way too often) open the Bible and begin reading and think this verse applies to me. I think we need to be much more conscious when reading the Word.  I say all of this to encourage us as Believers to be careful when reading God’s Word to take it as it is and truly study it. This is something I personally need to work on.
This is just a thought that I have been thinking about Since Monday and felt like I needed to share it. Thanks for the time. God bless you in your pursuit of following Him.
Seeking Him,
Rachael Krouse