Tiffany Owens is an alumna of the third graduating class at IMPACT 360. In 2009, Tiffany traveled to New York City to attend The Kings College in the heart of New York City. A gifted writer, Tiffany was hired at World Magazine, where she served as a reporter for the magazine for more than two years.

“The experience and education I received at IMPACT 360 not only prepared me to ‘go out into the world,’ it also gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a dream I have had for a very long time.”

During her short career as a professional writer, Tiffany had fallen in love with traveling and discovering new and different cities throughout the United States. She became fascinated with what is commonly referred to as gentrification. Last year, she was compelled to write a grant proposal for journalism at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC. “Cities seem to be attracting and even recruiting a ‘creative class’ to help rebuild and revitalize their communities. The result, in my opinion, is not always a good thing as it relates to social, ethnic and political diversity.”

After a couple of months of nervousness, research and prayer, Tiffany boarded a Greyhound Bus bound for Washington, DC where she presented her proposal on the pros and cons of gentrification in American cities. After her presentation, the Fund for American Studies immediately awarded Tiffany with a $25,000 writing grant to research and travel throughout the United States writing about effective forms of city revitalization.

“I truly believe that it was at IMPACT 360 where I learned to love God, know Him and trust Him with my hopes, goals and desires,” she says. “I believe that it is only after we know Him and live in relationship with Him that He reveals His plans for our lives. I am so thankful for my time at IMPACT 360… Otherwise, I would probably just be a frustrated writer with no real direction for using the gifts God has given me.”

Tiffany begins her travel and research this fall and hopes to publish her articles in various publications beginning early next year.