There is just something invigorating about venturing outdoors, climbing a mountain, rappelling down a cliff and emerging with adventurous stories to tell. We live in a culture that is obsessed with adventure. Everyone wants to be labeled “adventurous”, so we hike mountains just to take breathtaking pictures to post on our social media or we take risks in activities just to prove we are, in fact, brave. A beloved component of Impact 360 is the adventure module. As a prospective student, the idea of backpacking for four days in the mountains of Alabama sounds simply awesome. This adventure, however, is different than what you would expect.

To prepare, we read the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster. You may be asking,“Ok, wait, how does freedom (adventure) correlate with discipline? You’ve lost me.”

It’s because it is when we are most submissive to God that we are most free to live a life of adventure.

To be adventurous isn’t to climb a mountain. Being adventurous also isn’t jumping off a cliff into a lake or participating in an extreme sport. True adventure is trusting God to live the life He beckons us to live.

I think ultimately we are obsessed with the idea of adventure because we, being made in the image of God, inherently know we were meant for a life beyond what we’ve been living. That’s what this adventure module is all about. Impact 360 takes the students out into the woods so that they can meet with God face-to-face. Yes we do “adventurous” things like backpacking, hiking, rappelling, camping and spelunking, but this adventure is about much more. The purpose is getting away from the chaos and busyness of life to encounter God through spiritual disciplines. “In contemporary society our Adversary majors in three things: noise, hurry, and crowds.” – Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

This week, our Impact 360 students were adventurous in the truest of ways and no doubt, there will be incredible stories to tell when they get back.

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