One exciting way that we have seen God work in South Africa is through the leaders of Living Hope and The Dream Center who serve their community selflessly. A heart posture of service is a vital element in these organizations. The staff seeks the highest good of those they serve and interact with daily.

Living Hope is an amazing example of how the body of Christ is lived out through service. Living Hope has many different parts: a rehabilitation center, a health care center, a farming education program, an in-home health check program, and children’s clubs. There are so many moving parts and many different people and personalities, but everyone works together to be the hands and feet of Jesus, to glorify God, and to have the gospel reach this community.  

The small staff at the Dream Centre is another great example of believers devoting their lives to serving students in the community. In everything the staff does, they seek the highest good of the children. We saw this through the way they bought birthday presents for those who couldn’t afford them, the homework they patiently worked through, and the prayers they consistently lifted up to the Lord about these children.

This trip has inspired us to bring the spirit of service back home. A few ways we do this is by looking for needs around us that we can meet, seeking people outside of our community with a heart of hospitality, and being generous with the things that God has provided us with. We have had a blast in South Africa and we are excited about what the Lord has for the rest of the semester.   

Brennan Anders and Natasha Heier