It’s officially been over a week now since we’ve all moved into our new homes. The syllabus has been distributed, the papers have been started, the excitement is leveling, and now a choice is at hand. To resolve or not resolve, that is the question. It would be easy to take things as they come, to be passive and disengaged, but what benefit is there to that? Ease, perhaps, but only temporarily, and surely not as a guarantee. Instead we should choose to set a standard, choose to pursue excellence.


Monday’s classroom discussion focused on vocation and calling derived from Gene Veith’s book, “God at Work.” As we interacted, many important and applicable topics to vocation, such as the nature of happiness and goodness, were opened. We came to the agreement that vocation is “a calling that entails holy responsibilities, something that God commands a person to do.” Furthermore, Veith outlines in his book that “the whole purpose of every vocation is to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’.”


Here lies a balance of maintaining a mission for one’s life in addition to pursuing our God-given talents. Thankfully, we’ve all been blessed with the time, space and community needed to establish this balance. The important thing to remember here is to live both with a vision for the future, and an understanding of ones current vocation. To know one’s purpose. To be intentional. And to actively live well.

Know. Be. Live.