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You’re here because you take your faith seriously. Your whole life is about it. You believe that Jesus has risen, that the Bible is true and authoritative, and that we have a mission in front of us. You want to have a more Christ-Centered influence in your high school and your friendships. Propel helps you gain confidence. We have hundreds of students who walk away from this experience not with the “spiritual camp high”, but instead walk away with a deep burden for the lost, and motivation to live as a disciple who makes disciples in their world.

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Why Propel?

Being a Christian today is hard enough, being a Christian teenager is even harder. Growing up in a post-Christian world, today’s teens face immense challenges navigating their faith in a world that doesn’t understand them. The gospel hasn’t changed, and the great commission remains. Impact 360 Propel helps young leaders realize that they are not too young to lead. This one-week experience for teenagers helps them to be confident in why they believe. Grounds their faith in Biblical Christianity, and helps them step into who God has called them to be.


Abby Ducharme
Enrollment Specialist
Adam Story
Learning Community Coordinator
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Alan Shlemon
Stand to Reason

Alan Shlemon

As a national speaker for Stand to Reason, Alan trains Christians to make a thoughtful defense of their faith in the public square (M.A. Biola University).

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A one-week leadership and discipleship experience for teenagers.