Impact 360 Masters

Impact 360 Masters is one-of-a-kind because it sets young professionals apart by equipping leaders in their unique leadership calling and to take action where the Lord has called them. Earn your Master of Arts in Leadership from North Greenville University at Impact 360 Institute and apply what you are learning by working on our staff team for two years.

Program Features

Spiritual Formation
Explore the biblical foundations of spiritual formation. Examine leadership, personal development, communication, and more from a Christian worldview. Experience the impact of disciples making disciples across generational and cultural divides. Then, apply what you learn as a transformational leader in the area of Spiritual Formation.
Servant Leadership
Servant leadership is Christ-centered, biblically rooted, and others-focused. Explore the biblical and ethical foundations of servant leadership from a Christian worldview. Examine leadership theory, personal development, conflict resolution, and more. Apply your understanding of leadership across generational, cultural, and worldview divides.
Cohort-Based Learning
As you grow in your education and training, also grow in community. At Impact 360 Institute we celebrate community & living life together. Become a part of our on-campus community and build lasting friendships with other Kingdom-focused leaders.


It is easy to list the ways the Master’s Program has prepared me to succeed in my current job. From professional skills to real work experience the faculty have worked hard to equip me to leave well. However, I believe the biggest benefit is the community this program has provided me with that continues to walk with me into my professional career.

Charlie Lovell
Resident Director at Arizona Christian University

" I have never seen an organization do such a good job of nurturing and training and developing solid Christian disciples as Impact 360. From the facilities, the excellent training of their faculty, to the young men and women that mentor and disciple the students, Impact 360 has it all."

J.P. Moreland
J.P. Moreland, distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, author of “Love Your God With All Your Mind,” and more

Anyone can possess knowledge, but leaders are those who have been inspired to use what they know to do great things. Our world is in desperate need of the next-generation of Christian leaders that Impact 360 Institute trains both inside and outside of the classroom. If you are a young leader who desires to leverage your service to help the world come to know and experience Jesus, then Impact 360 Institute is the right place for you.

Dan T. Cathy
Chairman & CEO, Chick-fil-A

I can't think of anything better between high school and the college years than to set aside time to discover God, explore the world and fine-tune your vision for the rest of your life. That's what Impact 360 is all about, combining great teaching with practical experience preparing your role in God's amazing story.

Louie Giglio
Pastor, Passion City Church, Passion Conferences, sixsteps records

"It is no longer someone else's job to worry about the next generation and what kind of leaders they will be. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to work to produce young people who are grounded in Truth and who are willing to influence the world by living Christ-focused lives. Impact 360 offers a program designed to meet this challenge, and believe me, the next generation of leaders will be better because of it."

Josh McDowell
Apologist and Author of “Evidence That Demands a Verdict,” and more

Impact 360 Masters


Earn your M.A. in Leadership at Impact 360 Institute in partnership with North Greenville University. Launch into your calling by receiving extensive training, mentoring, and hands-on experience.